Monthly Archives: May 2017

Book Review: Crazy Rich Asians

“Just because some people actually work for their money doesn’t mean they are beneath you.”


Book Review: Dumplin’

“…good friendships are durable. They’re meant to survive the gaps and growing pains.”

Book Review: A Window Opens

A charming, humourous, coming-of-age literary story about a sandwich generation mom who aspires to have it all in the millennial startup corporate culture.

Book Review: The Girls

“These long-haired girls seemed to glide above all that was happening around them, tragic and separate. Like royalty in exile.”

Book Review: Into The Water

“Beckford is a place to get rid of troublesome women.”

Book Review: The Arrangement

“We’re not buying Sam’s Club condoms,” said Owen. “Their trash bags don’t even work.”