Book Review: The Goddesses

IMG_0761Title: The Goddesses
Author: Swan Huntley
Publisher: Doubleday
Publication Date: July 25, 2017
Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ / 5

From Doubleday: When Nancy and her family arrive in Kona, Hawaii, they are desperate for a fresh start. Nancy’s husband has cheated on her; they sleep in separate bedrooms and their twin sons have been acting out, setting off illegal fireworks. But Hawaii is paradise: they plant an orange tree in the yard; they share a bed once again and Nancy resolves to make a happy life for herself. She starts taking a yoga class and there she meets Ana, the charismatic teacher. Ana has short, black hair, a warm smile, and a hard-won wisdom that resonates deeply within Nancy. They are soon spending all their time together, sharing dinners, relaxing in Ana’s hot tub, driving around Kona in the cute little car Ana helps Nancy buy. As Nancy grows closer and closer to Ana—skipping family dinners and leaving the twins to their own devices she feels a happiness and understanding unlike anything she’s ever experienced, and she knows that she will do anything Ana asks of her. A mesmerizing story of friendship and manipulation set against the idyllic tropical world of the Big Island, The Goddesses is a stunning psychological novel by one of our most exciting young writers.

My Review: I always love a good family theatrics read and THE GODDESSES did not disappoint! I was sucked in from the get go because I can relate to Nancy’s need to find her purpose in a new place as a stay at home mom, which isn’t always easy.

THE GODDESSES is flanked by a cast of unlikable characters but I couldn’t put this book down because they are a captivating bunch and I needed to know what was coming around every bend – and there are many! Ana is an outwardly sick, twisted and disgusting person. She preys on Nancy’s marital discord and vulnerability and takes things waaaay too far with her son’s.

I was mesmerized by the backdrop of the Big Island, Hawaii – sitting in the jacuzzi and listening to the waves crashing, yoga under the sun and the references made about Costco – because I’m a frequent Costco shopper!

This is my first Huntley book and her writing is brilliant! The storyline is not unique but the characters are rich  – each has an underlying story of their own which makes them so real and relatable. And the twisty plot made me devour this book in just a couple of days.


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