Review: Everywhere That Mary Went

Everywhere That Mary Went Lisa Scottoline
Everywhere That Mary Went
Author: Lisa Scottoline
Publisher: Harper Collins
Publication Date: November 1, 1993
Genre: Fiction | Thriller | Suspense
Synopsis from Harper Collins

Review: Everywhere That Mary Went is Book 1 of the Rosato & Associates series. Mary DiNunzio is a lawyer at prestigious Stalling & Webb in Philadelphia. Her husband is killed in a freak accident and Mary copes by immersing herself in work and focusing on making partner. Then her secretary winds up dead. Coincidence? And someone is crank calling her every day when she gets to work and again when she gets home. These disturbing events the past year start to unhinge Mary and when she comes face to face with her stalker and how far he will go to have Mary she puts up the fight of her life.

What I liked:

  • Strong central female character
  • Legal thriller
  • Series
  • Murderous plot

What I didn’t like:

  • Slow plot in some spots, felt a bit dragged out
  • A little far fetched that Mary didn’t put the pieces together sooner

Overall: A good beginning to a new to me series. Scottoline’s plots are not edge of your seat type but what I call ‘gentle suspense’. Her writing is engaging and intelligent.


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