Review: Fierce Kingdom

DB69DF87-035D-43B5-84DB-4D62FBAFD9DFTitle: Fierce Kingdom
Author: Gin Phillips
Publisher: Viking
Publication Date: July 25, 2017
Genre: Fiction | Suspense & Thriller
Synopsis from Viking
Book provided by Goodreads giveaway

Review: It is rare I read a book and come away from it not having an opinion about it one way or another. That’s how I felt after reading FIERCE KINGDOM. I did not like this book nor did I dislike it. To be upfront this story is very disturbing. Three psychopaths gun down people in a zoo at closing time. Over the course of a three-hour period Joan’s survival instincts kick in to protect she and her 4-year-old son Lincoln.

I read this book in one day – it’s fast paced and kept me flipping the pages. Two parts of this book stood out for me. First, Joan’s quick and creative thinking are instrumental in their survival. I applaud her ability to keep Lincoln quiet and controlled which is no easy feat on a regular day but moreso when faced with a life and death situation. Second, when the teacher is confronted by one of the shooters and recounts him and other students she taught it’s a poignant reference to how many wound up as criminals.

I worry we have normalized mass shootings and while this book was an okay read I don’t ever want to connect leisure reading with such ugly acts of violence.


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