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Book Review: The Silent Corner

“I very much need to be dead.”


Book Review: Everywhere That Mary Went

A dead husband, a dead secretary, crank phone calls the same time everyday and a stalker who is closer than Mary realizes.

Book Review: Genuine Fraud

This is an engrossing, twisted thriller that will leave you wide-eyed and wondering ‘wtf’ just happened?

Book Review: Bellevue Square

He came around a corner and stopped when he saw me. He was out of breath. “There you are,” he said. “When did you get here?”
“To the Fiction section?”
“You’re dressed differently now,” he said. “And your hair was shorter.”
“My hair? What are you talking about?”
“You were in the market. Fifteen minutes ago. I saw you.”
“No. That wasn’t me. I wasn’t in any market.”

Book Review: Most Wanted

“The human body was a thing of beauty because so many structures protected the heart, but she realized that the human heart simply could not be protected, not by muscle, not by bone, not by anything.”

Book Review: The Lost Ones

It’s late. The phone rings.
The man on the other end says his daughter is missing.
Your daughter.
The baby you gave away over fifteen years ago.
What do you do?

August Book Wrap-Up

Books I read the month of August

Book Review: Dead Woman Walking

Hiding from a killer… Could her sanctuary be the most dangerous place of all?

Book Review: Throw Away Girls

The Jaycee Wilder Series Book 1

June Book Wrap-Up

Here is what I read the month of June.