Review: In the Grip of It

In the Grip of It - Sheena KamalTitle: In the Grip of It
Author: Sheena Kamal
Publisher: Witness Impulse
Publication Date: June 26, 2018
Genre: Fiction | Thriller | Suspense
Synopsis from Witness Impulse
Book provided by Edelweiss & HarperCollins

Review: Nora Watts returns in the novella, IN THE GRIP OF IT, on assignment to surveil a boy in a child custody case on Salt Spring Island.  Cheyenne has taken her son, Trevor from Vancouver to the island’s Spring Love yoga retreat but her ex-husband, Ken is convinced there are more sinister activities taking place in the commune.

Nora joins Spring Love run by Vikram and Wanda, to investigate what is happening on the inside.  The islands typical welcoming community does not extend to the commune and Vikram and Wanda are suspicious of Nora from the get-go and the intensity builds as they take measures to oust her once and for all.  But Nora’s connection to Trevor reminds her of the daughter she never got to know and she vows to get him back home safely with his father.

This story lacks the same intensity Kamal delivered in her suspenseful debut, The Lost Ones, and I’m not entirely sure how this novella fits into the series, but I’m committed to it and will read It All Falls Down, which releases this summer.